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Is Personal Shopping for me?

You may wonder whether you need this service, but if you wear the same clothes all the time, you make purchases you end up not wearing, you don’t know what suits you anymore, and you mostly hate shopping, than personal shopping is for you.

For this reason, a personal shopping session is an invaluable next step to your wardrobe and style review. These appointments are designed to take all the stress out of shopping, and teach you how to shop successfully on your own.

Most importantly you will learn tips on dateless styles, how to recognize a good fabric, get fresh ideas and look at new ways of combining outfits. You will discover what is good value for money and must have items. I want to show you what really suits you and ensure that next time you go shopping, you will know what to look for and what works for you.

The time required for each session will depend on your existing wardrobe, and is based on your given budget.
A minimum 3 hour appointment is required for your first personal shopping session. These sessions are most suitable for the purchase of a few seasonal items.

Kindly note should you need a complete wardrobe revamp, a full day of personal shopping (6 hours) is recommended –

Pricing: Personal Shopping & Online Personal Shopping available. 
Half day session 3 hour appointment- £450.

Full day session 6 hours- £900

Additional hours @ £125

Please email or contact me on +44 748 774 83954

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