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How often do you see someone on TV and exclaim “What ARE you wearing?” or wonder “Is it a bad hair day?!” And, generally find yourself distracted from what is being said by trying to figure out what happened wardrobe-wise? C’mon we’ve all done it! And in that moment they’ve lost (certainly distracted) their audience…

Working from home is a significant adjustment for most people and not just for the understandable disruptions – family and pets. The line between work and home is blurred and so it’s easy, and tempting for that to show up in the way you dress. So how do you adjust to convey a professional image while you work virtually.

WFH Wardrobe Wisdom

Don’t Slack On Your Routine – Keeping up those basic daily pre-work hygiene routines is basic self-care and can help you get into the mind-set for productivity. Clean well-cut or styled hair. Discreet make-up or a well-groomed beard. A nice clean manicure can add volumes to your sense of well-being.

Smell Good – Wear your work scent! Scent is a mood lifter and for overall feel-good factor. (I know this works for me!).

Dress for Work – You may not need a structured look such as a suit and tie, but you do need to adopt an image that befits your workplace. So stick to simple, well ironed, smart, good quality and well-fitting items. Find what works for you and maintain the separation between being dressed for a beach holiday and a regular work day. (So yes, it is strongly recommended that you wear a shirt to meetings, this applies to working virtually as it does in person).

Your Bottom Half Matters – The more time a meeting takes, the more likely it is that you will at some point need to stand up. So dress in full, even if you believe you have mastered the skill of the mute camera/mute microphone buttons! It’s tricky to come back from an unintended pyjama moment…

Bottom Line

Don’t underestimate how feeling good about yourself impacts on your mood and therefore your productivity. Remember that great feeling from wearing something that boosts your confidence or made you feel special – that’s the feeling you want to give yourself!

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